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    Immediate and lethal treatment of your bed bugs without chemicals!

    Bed bugs are 1,000 times more resistant to chemical treatment than they were 10 years ago. Even if you get them all, the primary job of an egg is to keep the environment out (including chemicals), resulting in reinfestation in two weeks. Meaning more chemicals. 

    Don’t use bug bombs - it will just drive them into other parts of your house.

    Don’t try DIY concoctions- your infestation will just grow .

    Don’t throw out your furniture! 

    A Heat treatment will eliminate all Bed Bug life stages in less than 24 hours. Bed bugs and their eggs cannot survive temperatures greater than 122 degrees.

    Let us take care of bed bugs so you can sleep peacefully!

    Heat vs Chemical Treatments


    Chemical Free! No worries of harmful toxin poisoning you or your family.
    • Certain types of Pesticide exposure can cause skin and eye irritation, nerve damage, disruption of the endocrine system and even cancers.

    Heat Treatment can eliminate Bed bugs in every stage, including their eggs in only 1 treatment.
    • 3 or more chemical treatments may be needed achieve the same effect as one heat treatment

    Bed bugs are not resistant to Heat. They all die at 122 degrees.
    • Bed bugs are becoming resistant to Chemicals. They can withstand 1000x more pesticide than just 10 years ago

    Bed Bugs are attracted to heat. They actually emerge from hiding spaces & are more easily killed.
    • Bed bugs will run to escape and hide from chemicals and sprays making it harder to locate and kill them.

    Heat Penetrates where Bed bugs live, reaching even the smallest hiding spaces.
    • Chemicals don’t reach the small nooks and crannies where bed bugs hide. Several applications are needed.

    Heat will allow you to keep your infested items, mattress and other furniture.
    • Its often essential to discard of contaminated items, before and after treatments.