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    Allied introduces our newest trade, Pest Control. Allied has built a strong reputation for delivering 5 star service in the Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC trades for many years. Pest Control is just one more way we can serve our friends and neighbors by creating a more comfortable home or workplace environment. While other companies use generic chemicals to cut costs, we use the newest chemicals and techniques which deliver the highest level of effectiveness while minimizing impact on the earth and non-target pests. We offer a variety of pest control services for your home or business.

    • Spiders
    • Roaches
    • Ants
    • Scorpions
    • Bed bugs
    • Wasps
    • Stinkbugs
    • Boxelder bugs
    • Mosquitos
    • Yellow Jackets
    • Wildlife
    • Rodents

    Termites treatments starting in 2022